Wow! What a game. I don't think that I've ever been more excited after a USC Basketball game than I am right now. For once this season, the Trojans played up to their potential and actually pulled off a big-time victory. They played very well against Kansas and Memphis but they were unable to pull out the victory in the closing seconds. However, this time they got it done on the road at Pauley Pavilion.

USC Forward Davon Jefferson had a career game, scoring 25 points and collecting seven rebounds. Even with the career high total in points, Jefferson will be remembered most of all for his dunk on Bruins center Kevin Love.

It was also refreshing to see O.J. Mayo not shoot every single time he came in contact with the basketball. Mayo was more of a facilitator getting guys like Daniel Hackett, Angelo Johnson, Taj Gibson, and Jefferson open shots and opportunities on the offensive end. Even Kevin Love (who's getting dunked on in the picture) agrees with me. He was very patient and let the game come to him, said Love. A lot of people give him a lot of grief for shooting so many shots, but today he played a team game.

Undoubtedly all Trojan fans are pumped after the victory but it seems as if Bruins Nation is bitter as usual:

"What do you call a school with recruitment violations and purchased diplomas? USC. Football season is over, and let's get real here. So what, you won a game. It happens. How many NCAA Basketball Championships has SC won? Where is OJ Mayo going next year? The Pro's. Where will SC be once again? At the bottom of the pot. Enjoy today, we all know not many of these wins happen for the Trojans, nor will many happen in the future. You have Football, We have least for now. We'll have to see how our new Football Coach does."

This is one of many reasons why I hate the UCLA Bruins. Half of the things this crazy Bruin fan says is inaccurate. Yes, Mike Gunday it is fiction. Besides the inaccuracies, the rant is just a little uncalled. Let the Trojan fans have their day in the sun and keep quite. Instead of worrying about USC, focus on what Ben Howland's bunch has to do to beat the Trojans next time at the Galen Center.

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