I watched the West Virginia Mountaineers dominate the Oklahoma Sooners last night as did most of the country. Now my question is will WV get the credit they deserve or am I going to hear OU didnt have this starter and that starter or Stoops made dumb decesions and threw the game away. What excuses will they give to say that WV shouldnt have won that game. I know that WV dropped the last game of the year and in that ruined the national championship hope that they had but maybe they had a little help in that (well that is a different article). All I do know is that WV went in to that game with a intermn head coach who only had two weeks to get the team ready and OU went in with thoughts of getting embarrased last year not wanting it to happen again and WV came out on top. How does that happen you ask.....well WV was ready to play and they were faster they were more physical and stronger than the mighty Sooners. I am a WV fan and if you ask me WV showed the nation last night what kind of team and state we are. Those guys that played that game played because they love the state the fans and the game. No one beleived that we could win or that we even had a chance well accept the west virginians and that is because we are always underdogs and we are always looked down upon. Even when the odds are stacked against us we come in and get the job done. I know that I probably toot my own horn but I think these guys here at WVU are some of the best guys or even football players in the country. I would have put those boys last night on the feild against any team in the nation and not been worried at all. In closing I would like to mention that the last three years in bowl games we have beat Georgia SEC, Georgia Tech ACC, and Oklahoma BIG TEN seems to me that we only have the Big 12 and PAC 10 left before we prove that we do deserve to run with the big dogs. HUH imagine that little ol country boys from West Virginia handing it to the power houses of the nation. Oh yea and by the way we didnt need you Rod we probably would have played ffor the title if not for you. Hope you dont go 10-2 in the big twelve and lose to Ohio.

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