Those who saw the French Open final between World Number One Roger Federer and clay court master Rafael Nadal, will still be in a state of shock. Not because Nadal won his fourth straight title, but at the way he won it. 6-1 6-3 and 6-0, total annihilation of  the best player in the world. Federer said he wanted this title more than anything in this world but by today's performance I think he has a lot of reassessing to do. Nadal almost had him at last years Wimbledon and I'm sure he will be stronger this time around. Coming back to todays final, everyone would have surely expected a fight from Federer, but he went down without even a whimper. He just refused to change his game and kept playing into Nadal's hands. This takes Nadal's French Open record to 28-0, unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has not lost here ever. He has certainly declared himself the greatest clay court player ever and will be around for a long long time, he's just 22!!!!!!!!!!!!. This brings me to another point, and it regards the seeding at this particular tournament. The French Open is the only clay surface and is a game on its own. I was just wondering after seeing Nadal's domination, should he be given the number one seeding just at the French Open, maybe to enable to clear the way for other up and coming players. Im sure Djokovic could have given Federer a run for his money but runs into Nadal everytime because of the 2 and 3 seeding. Nadal has proved himself time and time again and has earned his place in French open folklore but still does not have the number one seeding here. I know its about overall consistency but such dominance has not been seen ever before and maybe needs to be looked into. Its just a thought and highly debatable.

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