I am a big Brett Favre fan, loved watching him play. As a Jets fan, I have groaned for years about the year we "almost" drafted Brett Favre. He is, has been, and always will be great. His mark will be left on football for many years to come. However, as much as he wants to protect his legacy, he also needs to take care of the team that took care of him. And the way he is doing this is not the way to do it.

We now find out that not only does he want to come out of retirement, but he has asked for his unconditional release from the Packers. He states it is due to their "lack of enthusiasm" when he announced his interest in returning. So he wants to leave.

A team has the right to make a move for the future, based on the good faith word of their aging star. But this ultimatum from Brett Favre puts his old team in an absolutely impossible position.

On one hand, they can release Brett Favre. Go ahead with their plan of having Aaron Rogers as the starting quarterback without the shadow of Brett Favre. How can they justify that to their fans? All the Green Bay faithful will see is that their legendary quarterback wants to play, and the team has said no. There will be a mutiny in Cheesehead land if that should happen.

On the other hand, they can bring him back and reannoint him the starting quarterback. Where does that leave Aaron Rogers? He has worked dutifully as Brett Favre's backup, learning, studying, and preparing for the day that Brett Favre steps down, allowing him to be the number one. That it was we have. In good faith, Brett Favre announced his retirement, and the team moved forward with Aaron Rogers. If they go ahead and name Favre the quarterback again, what do they tell Rogers? "Oh, just wait, it will only be another year." No way. I would want out if I were Aaron Rogers in that situation, and I think he would ask to be traded.

Green Bay is in a tough spot here. Damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they really want to make a splash, tell Brett Favre, "OK you can come back, as the backup." That would be fair to everyone, including Aaron Rogers, and that is what Brett Favre has earned with the way he has treated the Packers. They deserve better than an ultimatum. We shall see what happens....

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