Brett Favre Retires, but I could give a rat’s behind. The Packers will be the same team just with Aaron Rodgers in-place of Favre. Rodgers has the potential to be good, and has the potential to be bad, just like Favre has been for the past few years. Or the Packers could be dissatisfied with Rodgers and pick Brian Brohm in the draft.

The Lions? They traded away run-stuffing DT Shaun Rogers, and their only addition so far has been a little used CB from Cleveland, and a marijuana-loving FS in Dwight Smith.

The Bears? They let some people walk recently, and their only addition was keeping Lance Briggs. The Bears had Briggs last year, and with the same QB situation (minus Brian Griese) this year, they may not have the tools to win.

But, how about them Vikings? The Vikings made some major signings this past weekend. They signed WR Bernard Berrian, FB Thomas Tapeh, and S Madieu Williams. This puts the Vikings in a pretty strong position in their division. They stole Berrian from the Bears and they also got younger at both S and FB.

QB: Tarvaris Jackson. This needs to be T-Jack’s team. He was 8-4 as a starter last year. There is no one out there, besides a Donovan McNabb (keep dreaming) that will be a better fit for this team than Tarvaris, and that includes the two guys in Cleveland.

RB: We are set with Adrian Peterson. He, Chester Taylor and possibly Maurice Hicks as the new Mewelde Moore are just what this team needs. Hopefully the additions in the receiving core will help these RB’s get some room to run.

FB: Thomas Tapeh is a younger version of Tony Richardson and cheaper too! Great find!

WR: This is a hit or miss position for the Vikings. Berrian and Sidney Rice could be killer on the outside and Bobby Wade will easily shift into the slot spot, which is where he fits best anyways. If Berrian doesn’t drop passes and is the speed demon the Vikings hope, coupled with Tarvaris playing well could give the Vikings a potent offense.

TE: Visante Shiancoe, Jim Kleinsasser, and Garrett Mills... oh boy! This could be interesting.

OL: The team is pretty set at this position. Ryan Cook did nothing to lose his spot, Anthony Herrera is slotted in at RG, Birk is a pro-bowl C, Hutchinson is a pro-bowl guard and if McKinnie plays he is top quality. They may have to slot Marcus Johnson or Artis Hicks at the LT spot for a few weeks (if Bryant gets suspended).

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