A couple of years ago, I remember playing basketball against me father, we played one game I won, he demanded a rematch, and I beat him again, then the third game he beat me and then was ready to go home. To this day, I never got the rematch. Anyway the point of that story was that my father got a chance to go out on top(somewhat) and took it. A lot of people don't get that chance, in fact a good of 70% of athletes will tell you that their last game was a loss, maybe 85% if you count missing the playoffs as a loss.

Brett Favre, who has just about every record possible until Peyton Manning breaks it in a couple years, has a difficult choice to make end his career on this loss, or try again and possibly end on an even lower note. I think he should retire. Hang it up now, everyone can't end their career likeJohn Elway. I'm not a Pack fan, but I am a football fan and I know personally it would hurt to see Favre come back, have a season like 2005 and this past season become a distant memory.

Look at Steve McNair, he took his team to a couple inches away from a Lombardi, won a MVP and took an average Baltimore Ravens team to heights unknown. But now you hear McNair, you think fragile, washed up, sucks. Why? Because he should've ended his career last year after that loss. The Packers are a young team, but who is to say they are to match this season or even improve from it. The San Diego Chargers are the only top seed from last years playoffs to even make it back to the playoffs but they are in a weak division.

For the Pack, The NFC North is nothing to scoff at. You have the Bears who swept them this year, the Minnesota Vikings who might've been in Arizona-bound if Dallas didnt tank that Week 17 game, and the Lions who are a decent RB away from being a force to be reckoned with. The Packs season itself is proof that anything is possible, no one outside of Wisconsin or Mississippi thought that the Packers would by 13-3. Now I think the bar is set a tad bit too high which is why I believe that this might be where the buck stops for the green and gold, with or without Favre.

If Favre loves the game that much, why not try coaching(please don't become the 2247th ESPN NFL Analyst). Even as much as cheeseheads love #4, they can't help but wish that the Favre era ends here. It's time to look ahead into the future. See if they got a steal in Rodgers. And hey if Aaron Rodgers sucks, there's always Tim Tebow.

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