Sound it out - Su-per - Bowl - - SUPER BOWL!!!!!

You got it, baby. Capping an improbable run, the New York football Giants are poised to snap the Patriots undefeated season. They've already carried their 4th George Halas Trophy, now they are looking to hoist up their 3rd Lombardi Trophy! No breakdown this week, just pics.

For the next few minutes, let's just look at a couple of rememberences of this year:

First round:

Last round:

First Game:

Last Game:

Head Guy:

Oops, wrong button - that was Plastic Man. Here's Head Guy:

Next to Head Guy:

From the Slop in London:

To the Slop in Lambeau:

No more needs to be said. No words - just 60 minutes of football left to be played.

Pats didn't cover last week, so I'm up $890 for the year. Take the Giants +12 and lay $400 on them.


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