It looks like The FatMan's hot streak to end the year didn't fizzle like the playoff drive of the Redskins, or Joe Gibbs' career. It kept chugging along like the Giants mauling of the Bucs. The Best Bets were 2-0 and since we put $200 on each game, that was a healthy $400 return for a weekend's worth of work. Straight up, the FatMan was a perfect 4-0, and against the spread, the Jags salvaged a tie to make the final tally 3-0-1. It doesn't get much better than that.

This week, the Italians are obviously pissed as they set the lines a bit more challengingly. Gone are the small spreads. Each game this week features more than a TD line. In playoff games, these can kill you, because one team usually does run away with it if they win. This is a dilemma! But like he has done the entire second half of the year, The FatMan says "Fuck it" and will plow forward providing the winners. Why waste words when we can be making money?? Let's go to The Sheet!


Seattle at Green Bay (-8) - There's no doubt in my mind that GB wins here. I'm just not so sure that the game won't be pretty close. I don't think Farve will be able to throw the rock all day on the Seahawks without making errors. Probably not the critical errors that Todd "Journeyman" Collins made, but errors, nonetheless. Take the home team, leave the points. PACKERS 24-20 (Seattle covers)

Jacksonville at New England (-13) - The Pats are looking to enter Phase 2 of their undefeated campaign. A team stands in front of them with a vaunted defense. That vaunted defense gave up 350 yards passing to the Steelers. Brady might hit 500. What will be the key to this game is how effective Jacksonville will be able to be at running the ball. I think just effective enough. PATS 31-20 (Jags cover)

Giants at Dallas (-7.5) - T.O. is limping but is mugging for the cameras and filling his drama slot up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he doesn't play. Him not playing means the Giants can concentrate on Witten and the man who spikes the ball after every run but doesn't get flagged, Marion Barber. He runs like a crazy man? Great. This week, he'll get to pound his head into a Blue wall. UPSET SPECIAL!! GIANTS 31-27.

San Diego at Indy (-8.5) - I'm conflicted on this one. I don't think SD will come anywhere close to winning this game, but then again, they did screw with Manning's mind last time. Maybe they heard him whispering "Clark" too? Hopefully somebody will whisper "Jackass" to Rivers and then yell it to him because the blockhead will in all likelihood be too dense to hear it in the lowered tone. COLTS 34-20.

BEST BETS: - $200 apiece



Last Week:

Straight Up:    4-0

Against Spread:    3-0-1

Best Bets:    2-0 (+$400)

Year to Date:

Straight Up:    177-83 (.681)

Against Spread:    142-104-14 (.577)

Best Bets:    31-20-2 (.608) (+$1130)

YAHOO! We broke the grand mark on the season! up over $1100 smackers might make one slow the betting down a bit, but all gamblers know you ride the hot hand, and right now my hand is more on fire than whomever is fingering Jenna Jameson. Let's keep cruising! To fill some space, why don't we do some Random Thoughts??


- Sooner or later everything will be deemed an acceptable act by somebody. In the old days, if you waved your arms frantically and stomped your feet in disgust, it was called having a tantrum or being a raving jackass. Now?? It's called crunking.

- I saw this representative from Chef Boyardee on a Food Network show the other day talking about keeping the contents of their secret sauce recipe under wraps. Is anyone really dying to recreate the taste of shit?

By the way, the special sauce on a Big Mac? Thousand Island Dressing. Now sue me, McDonald's!

-I saw an Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a small town. I paid her for the gas I just pumped.

- Are the Cavemen extinct again?? I mean at least until a Geico commercial airs?

- Is it just me or does every Holiday Season bring the wonderment of why Polar Bears are surrounded by frozen sheets of ice, yet their Coke flows freely??

- Speaking of drinks, I went into a Starbucks and asked for their slow roasted coffee. 30 seconds later a barista handed me a piping hot cup.

- I wonder if Lance Armstrong ever thought "I'd give my left nut to be with Sheryl Crow.". Just a reminder not to part with a body item over a fleeting relationship......

All I know is that is one Crow I'd like to eat. and on that note, remember:

For the Skinny on Picking, Turn to the FatMan

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