For Week 14 of the Fantasy Football Season, and the beginning of the playoffs for most leagues, here is this week’s edition of fantasy booms and busts.


1. QB Matt Cassel vs. Seattle Seahawks. What happened last week vs. Pittsburgh happens to a lot of good QBs. Don’t think that Cassel is the only good QB that has flopped when facing the Steelers tenacious’ D. But this week things look great once again as the Patriots head west to Seattle. Romo tossed for 300+ yards and 3TDs vs. the Seahawks on Thanksgiving and just about everyone that has played Seattle has gone off, so look for Cassel to once again crack the 300-yard mark and put a few into the end zone.

2. RB Chris Johnson vs. Cleveland Browns. Johnson had over 100 yards and two TDs in the 1st half alone on Thanksgiving Day. And he has a few things going for him: the Browns are demoralized and playing out the season and with the expected lead that Tennessee should have, Johnson will have ample opportunity to get his carries and yards.

3. Anquan Boldin vs. St. Louis Rams. Boldin is playing for an NFC West Championship and a new contract next year. And the Rams have nothing to play for, aside from pride, and often times that doesn’t win out when a guy is trying to protect himself from injury (in a meaningless game). Look for the Cardinals to clinch the NFC West this Sunday and for Boldin to light up the scoreboard.


1. QB Phillip Rivers vs. Oakland Raiders. Rivers will have a less than stellar performance this week (a few INTs) and you should make sure to keep him out of your fantasy lineup. The Raiders are less than impressive to watch but one area of strength is the team’s secondary. CB Nnamdi Asomugha is the best shut down corner in the league and the rest of the DBs are stellar.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Chicago Bears. The Jags played the most disinterested game I’ve seen all season in their beating at the hands of the Texans on Monday. In this football game, Chicago should come out and play inspired football and once they get a lead, look for the warm weather team to pack it in as they’ll want nothing to do with the frigid conditions of the Windy City.

3. Terrell Owens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. If Marion Barber can’t go, or is limited, look for Pittsburgh to pounce all over Tony Romo and give this Cowboys offense fits all day. Regardless, the Steelers are great at locking down the opposing team’s best receiver ( T.O.) and their pressure packages make it difficult for the QB and receiver to maintain their timing.

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