As if the Internet didn't already give you enough reasons to waste time, now comes along FLW Outdoors and fantasy fisting. If you can wildly guess which team of 10 fishermen each week will pull the largest number of bass out of the lake in that week's FLW Outdoors tournament you stand a chance of winning $1,000,000.

Do you think this is just tailor made for the few people who can manage to find Versus on their cable outlets? Apparently not as comScore reports at least 132,000 visited in February. That's likely to be far more people then tune in to the average telecast of a fisting tournament on Versus - in fact it may be more people than actually know where Versus is located on their cable system.

Who would ever have guessed there could be this kind of money in fisting, much less fake fisting? The wonders of the Internet will never cease.

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