This week, we’ll add another fantasy piece in order to get you prepared for this weekend’s NFL Games and look at a few different positions in the process. Fantasy Booms

1. Larry Johnson vs. Oakland Raiders

It’s been an extremely turbulent season for the one-time superstar running back of the Kansas City Chiefs, but now comes an opportunity to make all of those fantasy owners who selected LJ at the bottom of round one/top of round two, look good.

Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, the best corner in football, heads an impressive secondary that is the strong point of this Raider’s defense. But, there are opportunities to hurt this team on the ground.

Look for No. 27 to be used early and often, and to break the century mark with a score in Oakland on Sunday.

2. Ben Roethlisberger vs. New England Patriots

Chad Pennington just put up 341 yards and three TDs on the Pats last Sunday in Miami.

The problem for Big Ben this season has been the offensive line’s inability to keep him off the turf, but things should improve tomorrow in New England.

The Steelers’ o-line is finally beginning to gel (had to overcome the loss of Guard Alan Faneca and an assortment of injuries) and their wide receivers, Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward, and TE Heath Miller should find ample room to work on this Pats’ secondary.

3. Antonio Bryant vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are actually quite good against the run, which is a bit surprising considering their defense isn’t that good, but schematically they get the job done.

Jeff Garcia will be forced to pass more than normal in this game, and we see Bryant being able to use his size/speed combo to take advantage of a Saints’ depleted secondary.

Fantasy Busts

1. Drew Brees vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You heard it here first, Brees will struggle mightily tomorrow against the Bucs.

Tampa’s cover two is the perfect defense to play against a high-flying offense like the Saints, and the Bucs will get after Brees and force him into errors.

Though on pace to eclipse Dan Marino’s all-time passing mark set in 1984, this week, he will take a step back as the Bucs limit him to around 200 yards and one TD.

2. Clinton Portis vs. the New York Giants

This man has been the most valuable player to the Redskins, if not the entire league throughout the better half of the season, but he will find the going quite tough in tomorrow’s big game vs the Giants.

Giants’ Defesnive Coorindator, Steve Spagnuolo, knows that the entire Redskins offense runs through Portis, and will game plan to take him away. You’ll see a Giants’ safety playing closer to the box to ensure that this scenario plays out.

3. Brandon Marshall vs. New York Jets

The Broncos have a very inconsistent offense and most of that can be attributed to their lack of a consistent running game.

Jay Cutler is often forced to do too much because the offense is put in poor passing situations and this disrupts the rhythm between the QB and WR.

Also, the Jets employ a lock down corner in Darrelle Revis who will blanket Marshall all afternoon.

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