Watching yesterday's Cubs game wasn't fun for many reasons.  But when the moron threw the cup of whatever in the face of the ballplayer, it reminded me once again that baseball fans, whether they are Cubs fans or not, sometimes do and say stupid things while in the heat of the game.

Baseball fans, I think that maybe it is time to grow up and at least act like pleasant human beings and respect one another's views on the game.  What happened isn't something that hasn't happened before and I am sure it will again, but somewhere down the line, someone (not excluding the player) is going to really get hurt.

And when that happens, you know (of course) that all hell will break loose and maybe ban the fans from the bleachers or field level seats, it really doesn't matter here, but something has to be done to control the fans/crowd/moron (or is it drunken morons?).

Not all fans are like that particular shithead yesterday and thankfully 99% of them are pleasant people out to enjoy a baseball game.  Dumping a drink wasn't invented yesterday. In fact, in the series during the 20's and 30's there were a lot of fans who did almost the exact same thing to the opposing player, but back then the only thing the fan had to worry about was just running from other fans because the fans then as opposed to now were really into their teams and if some moronic fan threw a beer or soda on top of one of their own, it was "God help you and I hope you could run the 100 yard in under 9 seconds" because the surrounding fans used to take care of their own.

Also then, the players were different.  I wouldn't want to be around if you threw beer or soda on Cobb as he was running to catch a ball in the outfield. He would have run your ass right out of the park with him following trying to spike you with his cleats.  I remember lots of things happening between the players and fans in the outfield, and even in the infield.  Duke Snider used to keep a running conversation going with fans in center around the time the Dodgers came to LA in the late 1950's.

Mays did the same thing, as did Roberto Clemente in Pittsburgh.  The fans of not that many years ago, held their heros to a higher standard then today's fans.  The opposing team's players always caught all kinds of hell from the fans when they were trying to do something, especially in the outfield running to get a fly ball or in the corner to catch a possible home run.

I, for one, would like to say that the idiot fans are a minority (thank God), but the ones that keep doing these stupid acts of whatever you want to call them, should remember you will get back what you sow, many times over by continuing to act the fool.

And maybe (just maybe) the next time may produce something that you may not like or could end up in a position that isn't going to be easy to remove yourself from especially if that small stupid act costs you your freedom and a fairly large amount of money besides.  I am a baseball fan, and I'm declaring that yelling at the umpires and opposing players is alright, as long as you don't go over the line of respect and good sportsmanship.  Be a fan... not a fool.

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