I am fed up with Congress poking their noses into the sports world. All these posers want, is to hold their own private autograph session and sell it on Ebay. These Congress members are trying to meet their sport idols and then want to grill them over the coals. This reality TV needs to go. I’d rather watch another episode of Survivor. Congress says they are trying to clean up the pro sports so that the high school and college atheletes don’t follow in the same footsteps. GUESS WHAT try educating your children – TRY TALKING TO THEM! Learn how to communicate with your kids – be a PARENT, not a FRIEND! If Congress spent half the time they are on trying to “clean up” the sports world as they could be solving the problems in the Middle East, our armed forces would be HOME!

I am fed up & sick and tired of hearing “he said, she said” when it comes to using steroids in sports. I don’t really care. ESPN keeps boring me with this garbage. I have to change between ESPN and ESPN news just to avoid hearing about who’s lying today. Again, until you have found them either guilty or innocent – keep it OFF MY TV!

I’m fed up about someone who needs to cheat to gain an advantage. Real simple -  DON’T GET CAUGHT! Spygate, Watergate, Bill Clintons front gate – I DON’T CARE! If you do get caught, its real simple – YOU’RE OUT! Just like in the Black Sox Scandal – done, finished, no questions asked- Pete Rose, NEXT DAM CASE!

I’m also fed up with these guys who have to talk for 3 hours about the same dam thing on sports radio – get a platform, set your multiple topics for the day, take 10 to 15 calls and move on – if you have nothing to talk about , GET OFF THE AIR!

 I’m REALLY FED UP with trade rumors from the “internet”… real simple here, if there isn’t a credible AP, ESPN or local newspaper source – ITS GARBAGE! Move on and DON’T TALK ABOUT IT LIKE ITS GONNA HAPPEN! ITS STUPID & BORING, stop making it out to be more than it already ISNT!

I’m EXTREMELY FED UP with the general public who believes 50% of the garbage that is shoved in front of us by the sports media – you people are REALLY STUPID, buy a clue for a dollar PLEASE! Wait for the FACTS and the FINAL DECISIONS. Wait for the clock to read 00:00 and then you will know the true result, thank you.

Anyone else agree?

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