Match Report

I'm not impressed. Everyone seems to think that the Czechs are all lively and creative and play good football because 4/6 years ago that was true, but they were flagging badly in the last world cup, their best players have retired and Rosicky (their best remaining) is injured. Koller is 35, and today he looked it, with a real Heskey-esque, inspid performance. Behind him they had Jarolim, with Plasil and Sionko wide, and none of those three look anything more than tidy-but-lightweight. Sverkos (on for Koller, and livelier) got the winner when a Swiss clearance was headed back over the defence and the keeper didn't come for it. They are nowhere near the Nedved/Smicer/Berger/Poborsky team of a while back, and I don't think they'll be able to compete with what I expect from Spain or France (whereas that team could).

The Swiss were like you'd expect of a team that picks massive full-backs - physically quite big, hard-working, not great on the ball. They struggled to create anything, even when they pushed a lot of men on (which was good to see nonetheless; they were ridiculsouly defensive in the w/cup). Frei was shooting from ANYWHERE, and Yakin and Barnetta look like the only possible sparks they've got (Barnetta's cushioning it on his thigh to make a shooting chance was sharp work) bar the odd cross from the right. They will struggle to score goals. Next! :)

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