I'm tired of hearing, for those of us who live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA for short for those who want to know or whoever get the unfortunate opportunity to visit this sports deadbeat town which is banter for another lifetime), the trash that is played on my airwaves and boobtube. Who the F is the following:

Nick "The Dumb Greek FUQ who got his career k-oed in an exhibition match faking as a tough guy and got permanently concussed against his former alma mater, the Rangers" Keep-Ur-Thesis to your F-in Self for those who don't know thats Nick the Dick Kypreos, follow his loser career. He was useless when the Rangers won the Cup in '94. That was Messier, Graves, Leetch, Richter and company not Nick with No Stick or Dick Kypre-oh-shut-the-fuq-up

Darren Dreger, what? My lord, which executive fudge packed thyself to get that gig.

Old bum fart and wart Bill Bumbling, Stumbling Watters, why aren't you dead yet with your permanent Old South orange glow?

Bob the "DeadHead" McKenzie, you're time has come and gone, you spew like your on meth and I know you hit that business Bobbie.

Ron "The cookies n milk" homeboy Maclean. Say something about hockey that has weight and presence not the politically nice and correct. YOU SUCK the worst teabag since Boston. Such a nice canadian saying always the right things. If I want that I'll confess to a priest. Shut the hell up.

Doug the Ignorant Nobody Maclean. One of the most ignorant, blatantly bigotted white pieces of trash on the radio.

Jonas Seigel, who?

Howard Ham-Berger why?

Stephen Brunt when?

Bob McCowan where?

All of TSN's, CBC's, Rogers Sportsnet's, The Score's and any other "HOCKEY" braintrust's crews that spew junk need to be nuked in the 416, 905 and generally within CANADIAN Airspace.

Who are you and what do you do. What are you good for? You're vultures, 3rd rate bloodsuckers at best. Blessed for the blogger. We bring these elitist cronies to task.

I need and expect more from PROFESSIONAL sports journalistic folk who are supposed to cover the "Greatest Hockey Franchise" this side of Kingston.

You look like you excreted a coney island hotdog with your face cause thats how you look when you talk hockey.

I know living in Canada I won't get my dosage of gridiron chatter through the radio unless I tune into 550AM, Buffalo's feed or my sport package.

However, since I live in this inglorieux nation, gimme more and gimme primo sports coverage or you need to


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