It's a story you never want to hear. A story that would piss off any of those with a heart no matter how many times you hear of it. And yet, it continues to go on a alarming rate.


On a woman.

James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the latest culprit of this as he was arrested after he allegedly beat a woman believed to be his girlfriend. Apparently, the woman locked herself in her room and Harrison broke through the door and proceeded to assault her leaving marks on her face.

This {in an unintended pun} is a slap in the face to the proud Pittsburgh Steeler organization who now has an unwanted and unneeded distraction to deal with involving one of their top defensive players.

I don't know about anybody on this website, but I'm getting pretty damn sick and tired of having to shake my head as I read that another athlete or anyone for that matter has assaulted a member of the opposite sex. It pains me to have to hear these stories because it will give credence to those who stereotype athletes based on these incidents. There are undoubtedly plenty of athletes who respect and love their women and treat them with the utmost regard. We probably won't know the full story to this latest incident and with a media that will sensationalize anything and anyone, that may be the best thing for all concerned.

But I DO KNOW that whatever happened sure as heck didn't have to come to THIS result. This end result is always avoidable. It's about damn time that athletes and all of us as men for that matter realize this.

Too bad James did not.


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