For the first time a MMA card is going to be shown at primetime on network television. It should be a great evening and the headliner is obviously the Kimbo Slice fight seeing he is the youtube sensation who went 7-1 in street fighting and is 3-0 in sanctioned MMA competition.

And if you don't know Kimbo by now here is a taste of what James Thompson is in for tomorrow night.

And here is his last MMA fight against UFC legend Tank Abbot   He has obviously never fought real competition and Thompson looks like he might challenge him, but I have Kimbo winning in another quick, devastating first round TKO. On the undercard, Robbie Lawler is taking on Scott Smith in a Elite XC Middleweight Championship bout. I am taking Lawler in what should be a very exciting and hard-hitting affair. The females are getting at it with Gina Carano taking on Kaitlin Young. Carano is widely known as "Crush" on NBC's American Gladiators, she is 5-0 in MMA and I think she will show the world she is more than a TV personallity with a win on primetime TV. Phil Baroni is taking on Joey Villasenor in what should be a great fight. Baroni has stamina problems and I think Villasenor will take advantage of that for a decision over Baroni. Brett Rogers is taking on Jon Murphy in what should be another heavyweight slugfest in this card, they should get the crowd rocking with a toin of crushing blows. Brett Rogers was thought to be the most deserving of the Kimbo fight, but it went to Thompson and now Rogers has a chance to prove he can fight with Kimbo and I believe after a TKO win, Rogers will be Kimbo Slice's next fight. Also don't miss Spike's tribute to Chuck Liddell on Saturday night. I suggest you watch CBS and Tivo the Chuck Liddell tribute since they are knockouts, a documentary and then a replay of his epic bout against V.Silva.  

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