According to this,, the NHL is going to punish guys who skip the All-Star game. This is stupid. Let's hope they all get punished and not just a few or else it will be really stupid, not just stupid.

East Forwards

Sidney Crosby (Penguins)- Sid the Kid will be an All-Star every year he is in the league, thats the way the NHL wants it. He is second in the league in assists and points. He will miss the game with an injury, no word on if he will be punished or not.

Evgeni Malkin (Penguins)- Malkin is proving that maybe he should be called the "next one" instead of Crosby. The best player on the Penguins leads the league in points with 70 (10 more than anyone else) and he leads the league in assists with 51 (eight more than anyone else). He also has two more goals than Crosby.

Alexei Kovalev (Canadiens)- He is starting because his team is hosting the game. He has had a great career, but the All-Star game is a seasonal thing, he shouldn't be there.

Jeff Carter (Flyers)- Carter is having a great year. He has 30 goals and 21 assists, pretty good for a guy that was going to be traded last year.

Dany Heatley (Senators)- He is putting together another consistent season. 43 points is not bad, especially the way his team has been playing. However I still think Heatley should be in a different facility than a hockey rink.

Ilya Kovalchuk (Thrashers)- Perhaps one of the better players in the league, imagine his numbers if he played with a good team. 20 goals and 29 helpers is pretty good for a Thrasher's player.

Vincent Lecavalier (Lightning)- He started out slow, but looks like he may reach his usual numbers. He is one of the better players in the league. He has a chance to lead his team to greatness (in the distant future).

Alex Ovechkin (Capitals)- What can you say about this guy? His 31 goals leads the league and he is turning in another MVP season. He is also doing more for his team, making them a legit contender instead of a 3 who should be a 9.

Zach Parise (Devils)- Any idea where this kid came from? He is one of the great surprises from this season. He is third in goals with 28 and could eclipse 45. That is a solid season in this day an age.

Marc Savard (Bruins)- Savard is bringing the Bruins back. He is one of the most important players on that team and is turning in a solid season. He is turning into a complete player, he can pass (40 assists) and score (16 goals). He is on pace to set new career highs (28 goals, 78 assists).

Eric Staal (Hurricanes)- He is a very consistent player and developing into one of the best on his team and in the league. He too has a chance to return his team to greatness (in the not to distant future).

Thomas Vanek (Sabres)- This guy has been making a case for the All-Star game since day one. He is the most dangerous power play forward in the league and one of the best scorers around.

Martin St. Louis (Lightning)- He is replacing Crosby on the roster and the small forward is turning in a pretty good season. He is Tampa's leading scorer and along with Lecavalier he will lead his team to good things in the future.

East Offensive Snubs

Phil Kessel (Bruins)- He has mono and wouldn't be able to play any way. He might have been Crosby's replacement had he been healthy.

Patrik Elias (Devils)- He is leading the Devils to another good season (even with out their franchise goalie) and is a dangerous combination with Parise.

East Defense

Andrei Markov (Canadiens)- He has always put up good numbers from the point. This year he means more to his team and is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Mike Komisarek (Canadiens) - This former first rounder has yet to live up to his potential. I don't think he should be on the roster, let alone start. He is also battling injuries.

Jay Bouwmeester (Panthers)- The only Panther on the roster. He could be great on a better team with more talent. But given what he has got he is turning in a fine season.

Zdeno Chara (Bruins)- The biggest man in the NHL is turning in perhaps his best defensive season of his career. The Norris candidate is one of the best defenseman on the league when it comes to the power play.

Tomas Kaberle (Maple Leafs)- Points wise he is turning in a great season, but he is a defenseman, he should have a better plus/minus.

Mark Streit (Islanders)- He was a great signing for the Islanders last off-season. If the Isles hang on to him and a few pieces they can be dangerous in the future. He leads east point men in points.

East Defensive Snubs

Mike Green (Capitals)- The deadly power play point man leads east d-men in goals. No reason not to be on that list.

Dennis Wideman (Bruins)- He is turning in his best year ever. He will set career marks in goals, assists and points. He all defenseman in plus/minus with 26.

East Goalies

Carey Price (Canadiens)- Price is a great young goalie with a bright future. However, don't be surprised if his head coach, Guy Carbonneau, asks Claude Julien to pull him early on in the first. Price has been fighting the injury bug.

Henrik Lundqvist (Rangers)- He will be at the next few ASG, he is one of the best and will be for some time.

Tim Thomas (Bruins)- Timmy T is enjoying another great season as the Bruins goalie.

East Goalie Snubs

Manny Fernandez (Bruins)- Two goalies from the same team would be insane. But Manny is playing the best he has played in a while, posting a 2.07 GAA.

Scott Clemmensen (Devils)- A Devils goalie other than #30 at the ASG? Not this year, but this kid is making some heads turn.

Ryan Miller (Sabres)- There will always be a bunch of goalies that should be at the game, but you can’t play them all. Miller is putting together another fine season.

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