Two major events are occurring in the world of ESPN. The following could affect whether or not you are interested in watching football on ESPN 8 months from now.......maybe ever. Here it goes....

Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya Gone From Monday Night Football?

According to Pro Football Talk, a media source has told them that ESPN sideline reporters Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber have been relieved of their duties on Mondy Night Kornheiser.

Here's an excerpt what Mike Florio of PFT posted:

A media source tells us that ESPN are relieving Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber of their duties on Monday Night Football.

Both served as sideline reporters. Tafoya worked in the same role with ABC when the ESPN sister company last aired MNF. Kolber likewise reported from the field with ESPN’s former Sunday night package. ' When the Monday night broadcast moved to ESPN for a whopping $1.1 billion per year, Kolber and Tafoya were both assigned to the show.

Their performance has been the subject of some criticism, especially in this space. The reports at times were heavy on pre-planned content, and light on in-game information. Also, it’s never been clear why two of them are needed.

[1] Honestly, I am not interested in hearing more people talk. Sideline reporters add absolutely nothing to the game, all of their non-injury reports are just filler when the guys in the booth have nothing to say. If I wanted to hear about a player's grandmother forcing him to snort cocaine, I have many other media outlets, like 60 minutes, or.....the freaking internet!!! Filler topics like that are not meant for a football game, I want to watch the game (and maybe Erin Andrews), not listen to someone talk about a football player's problems. If they must get a job, they should be used for injury reports only. No pre-game interview, no post-game interview, because it is pointless to ask the same questions over and over again to different coaches only to get the same responses every fricking week.

Emmitt Smiff Coming Back to ESPN?

Oh crap no. PFT is reporting that our grammar challenged hall of fame running back friend could be coming back to ESPN? Mike Florio again is on this story:

At a time when most folks who pay attention to the television coverage of the NFL believe that Emmitt Smith will be “blowed up” by ESPN, a media source tells us that the current plan in Bristol is to bring Emmitt back for 2008.

Said the source, “ESPN isn’t crazy about Emmitt but the network feels like if they let him go, they would have been bullied into doing so.”

The source cautions that the decision isn’t set in stone. “People change their minds there every other second,” the source said.


ESPN, would you like to give Emmitt a TV show while you're at it? Bullied into doing so? Are you serious? You mean to tell me that after a disastrous year in which he assaulted every tense of the word "blow", you're going to keep him? Emmitt is a horrible speaker, his analysis is atrocious, and you're going to keep him? Okay then, I request the following:

  1. Send him back to school. If ESPN feels like improving Smith at all, then have him redo all of his English courses so he can speak well enough that at least some of us can comprehend. If he can't improve next year, that's it.
  2. He must learn certain proverbs and cliches. The "rice of passage" Emmitt? Seriously, what the heck?
Here's what Emmitt probably said after he heard about this: "I am very honorable to be at ESPN back again. I will promise to brought, or bring, or bringses to you the best analysis you've ever heared of. Hopefully I can improveify from my first year, so I can reach the level of a Kerry Collinsworth or a Dan Marinovich. Thank you to ESPN, I am like to thunk my fans for their support, and I'll see you in September, we're going to BLOWS the other networks aways!!" So what do you think about these firings? What about Emmitt Smiff giving us comedy for another few months?

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