Last nights NBA slam dunk contest quickly turned in to the D12 show after the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard wooed the crow and judges. Howard's first dunk, and amazing off the back of the backboard slam, posted a perfect 50 score from the panel of former NBA All-Stars, that included Dr. J and Darryl Dawkins, two all the NBA seminal slam dunkers.

Howard displayed he magnificent jumping ability to become the tallest man at 6 feet 11 to win the competition. In what is sure to be a YouTube classic, Dwight donned a cape and flew to the rim like the man of steel and literary 'threw' the ball in the hoop from high above. One of the most amazing dunks in the history of the NBA's slam dunk contest. Not since Vince Carter's first appearance in the contest has the judges been so impressed.

Dr. J tried to sell the the fact that defending slam dunk contest champion Gerald Green shoe less jump was harder then it appeared, the home viewers were not persuaded as Howard received a decisive 78% of the votes.

After the game the Starting All-Star center said "I really wanted to win it for all the big men, Everybody always says, big men can't jump and big men don't look good dunking. I just tried to add a little bit of my personality. With me being so tall, I knew it was going to be tough. I tried to play to the crowd and have fun."

Be warned this is one of the sickest dunks you will ever see:

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