Actually I was beginning to wonder…I mean why do we seemingly care! Look Rog, no matter what you do, what you say, how many phone conversations you tape, (illegally I might add…I give a shit what your attorney says) you’re never going to clear your damn name no matter if your lying through your teeth that you can "pull tractors with" or honestly telling the truth, we, (the public) don’t give a shit! So take your medicine, whether that be a B-12 shot or whatever, your own advice pal and walk away from the game! Pull the plug on everything!

Speaking of pulling the plug…I wish somebody would’ve pulled the plug on the damn Fox coverage of that so terrific game last night. In all honesty, I couldn’t decide which made my ears bleed more…The Clemens coverage or the Suckeyes pretending like they actually belonged in this damn game! Okay, OSWHO didn’t get their nuts crushed by 27 points like they did a year ago, (only this time losing by 14….Good job Coach Vest, you cut the deficit in half) although we all knew that the outcome was just a formality…The only question would be the final score! And for those who not only thought the YUCKS had a chance last night, but actually believed the MUCKS were going to win…Well I guess you’re the same people who think either ("A") Britany Spears won’t end up doing herself in in 2008…Actually lasting the entire year. Or ("B"), well, there really isn’t a ("B").

Look, shouldn’t the BCS provoke some type of ban on the Big Ten Conference playing in National Championship games! Do it in the best interest of college football, PLEASE…Because if you don’t you’re going to have to start put "Advisory Labels" across your telecasts! I mean, as I wrote even before this season kicked off posing the question "Will a Big Ten School Ever Win a National Championship Again, (look for it in my archives). Of course, that was before Richy Rod turned in his couch burning skills all the while back stabbing those supportive couch burners for that whore Ann Arbor, but only now do I think it’s might be possible!

Can you imagine what it must feel like to be an O-S-WHO Nut…Because honestly, I can’t! I mean, My God…Being bridesmaids after a while must really blow! In all actuality, you’d have to be a Nut! The Ohio State University is quickly turning into the Buffalo Bills and/or the Altanta Braves of college football…Enough already! Make like Roger Clemens and simply go away! Do you think for one second that on the same night of consecutive years, both respective opponents Florida and LSU just so happened to play their best games of the season? HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO…I wonder why that is? It’s simply due to the fact that Big Ten football blows goats! The reality is that in the national landscape of college football they’re seemingly no better than the peeons that make up Conference USA! Let’s disregard Michigan’s "win one for the Gipper" thing against Florida…The conference saving graces are Penn State’s win over Texas A&M and Purdue over Central Michigan on a last second field goal. How awesome is that! Hell, the Big Ten should be slobbering and thanking the Wolverines for hiring Richy Rod…Perhaps he can bring the conference up to date with the latest trends in college football because Coach Sweater Vest has repeatedly fallen flat on his face trying do so! Because right now the Suckeyes are the laughing stock of the nation, and are nothing more than a joke! Falling into that Britney Spears train-wreck category!

I must say watching that bull shit last night I got a chuckle out of something Charles Davis said, (yes, I know, everything that C.D. says is funny…although this is). He said something to the realm of peeps in Columbus thought the Nutcrackers "were a year away!" Is that so…A year away from what? Competing for a National Championship? Really, I didn’t know they were going to take on Appalachian State. Being as how that’s the only way they might have, (notice I said might) a chance to actually win a little Waterford Crystal Football! If that’s really the case and if people honestly believe that, what the hell have they been doing the last two years besides making everybody’s ears and eyes bleed watching them get blasted!

You would’ve thought Jim Tressel might had learned a thing or two over the last 365 days…Oh, that’s right, he’s a by-product of the Big Ten! And their "football", (if that’s what you want to call it) doesn’t stack up to a YMCA team must less big time college football! The good news for this entire conference is that there’s a new sheriff in town…His field name is Double R. His game is the spread…Kind of like pigskin injected with B-12! And inject some pride and respect into a conference that’s nothing more than laughable at this point! Welcome to college football Big Ten! So nice of you to join the rest! And to Jim Tressel…Good Luck because right about now this little ankle bitter has more talent than what’s in C-bus!


Not to be outdone by this little tike…


"I said enough!" I’m storming off the podium now!

Make sure you "ROCK THE VOTE" in the " Caucus" which is trying to determine who’s the more "Laughable Liar?" Two worthy candidates, but one can have the distinction! As a fan of the spits and spats coming out of the LastRow help decide!…Polls are open now, so be heard America! Just like Roger Clemens was heard on 60 minutes!

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