Duke. North Carolina. 8 miles and a 14 minute drive separate these two. The Hatfields and the McCoys have nothing on them. The feud between the two Appalachain familes would look like a fist fight compared to these two. Each would just as soon see the other wiped off the face of God's Earth.

This time, it will be the Tar Heels, atop the NCAA College Basketball mountaintop, looking to avenge a 89-78 loss to their hated rivals in the place known as Cameron. Krzyzewskiville will be full to the rafters as students wait for tickets to go into the famous arena to see and jeer their rivals. Both teams will have key players back after missing the first meeting in Chapel Hill, Ty Lawson returning for the Heels and Brian Zoubek for the Blue Devils.

There will be some semblance of cilivity before the proceedings. Duke will observe a moment of silence for slain North Carolina Student Body President Eve Carson, who was the victim of a shooting earlier this week. After that, the gloves come off BIG TIME!

I think that Duke has to step it up a notch to win this one. Granted, they did win their last four games but struggled against North Carolina State last Saturday. A repeat of this could spell trouble for Coach K's guys if they want to be the "Jimmy Stewart" of the ACC and knock off Liberty Valance.

ESPN will have their College Gameday crew at the event Saturday and will air two live one-hour segments. I think that Roy Williams and Coach K can leave the pep talks at the door. They both know what's at stake. North Carolina is now the hunted. Duke is the hunter.


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