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I absolutely love everything that Darren McFadden has to bring to the NFL and for the past several weeks depending on which team he went to, I highly considered him a high second round or possibly a first round selection in any fantasy football draft this season. It doesn’t mean that it would be a wise choice to draft McFadden so high because of the proven talent already in the NFL, but nevertheless, he is that good of a talent. However, my opinion has now changed thanks to the worst franchise with the worst ownership in all of professional sports; The Oakland Raiders.

What is Al Davis thinking? Justin Fargas just signed a three year deal worth 12 million, Dominic Rhodes renegotiated, and second year running back Michael Bush (out with broken leg in ‘07′) is now healthy. Did I mention that Lamont Jordan remains in the picture?

Considering the Raiders just paid JaMarcus Russell an exorbitant amount of money last season you would think that a game-breaking receiver capable of taking pressure off of Russell would have been in the picture somewhere. If the Oakland Raiders have a lick of sense they will do their best to muster some sort of a deal to bring in a Chad Johnson or someone capable of making this Raiders offense somewhat balanced

Even though McFadden was the best player I just don’t see the need in Oakland at the running back position.

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