I think when people think about this time of year, even though Spring Training starts, I think March Madness is growing leaps and bounds of becoming very popular. Every year around this time people are talking about who's getting into the tournament. When Selection Sunday happens, I think people look forward to the next day when the brackets are available. I know when I was younger I would look forward to seeing the brackets in the newspaper and copying them and filling them out. I know when I went to school, kids had their brackets filled. Then when that Thurs. came, in some classes, we would watch the games. I remember doing that from middle school to high school. I don't think I'm alone.

I think a lot of people remember watching the games and filling the brackets out when they were younger. I think that's why March Madness is so popular. Your in school and your able to watch basketball games. When would that ever happen except for March Madness?

I know that the NHL, NBA, NFL doesn't hardly play day games on weekdays but like I said your in school and you could watch basketball games. I think March Madness is extremely popular because College Basketball fans like it, casual fans like it and non College B-Ball fans like it. It's something about filling out brackets and watching games those first two days that make it extremely popular.

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