HBO Sports received lots of attention when Artie Lange, from the Howard Stern Show, appeared on Joe Buck Live.

Apparently, Artie made Buck and HBO Sports uncomfortable with his performance on the show and now he's been banned from HBO Sports.

Buck said, he felt Artie went overboard with some comments and jokes he made.

”Did this go further than anyone expected? Absolutely…It’s live TV though, this is what happens.” Of course, like any publicist, Flaherty could see the silver lining here. “It did get a lot of attention,” Kevin Flaherty (spokesman for HBO Sports) said.

Buck gave Artie the green light to "act a fool" on his show, before going on air. Artie said he was told to speed things up when things get slow. Buck told Artie to take some shots at him and to let things loose. So why blame Artie?

Artie shouldn't be getting "killed" by the media, because he was just doing what was told. When the host and producer gives someone the green light to take shots, that's what you need to do.

Everyone shouldn't be surprised, because this is how Artie has acted throughout his career. This should have been expected. This is a person who's gotten into physical conflicts with others on the Howard Stern show. He's always brought attention to himself.

Buck is the person that should be blamed.

Quotes from Wall Street Journal

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