On July 30th the New York Times reported Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez were among the 103 players that tested positive for a banned substance in 2003.

Nobody should be surprised with Ortiz and Ramirez testing positive. The only players that would raise any eyebrows is New York Yankees shortshop Derek Jeter and closer Mariano Rivera. Besides those two, there isn't a name in baseball that would be surprising.

The only strange part about this situation is Ortiz "acting" like he had no idea. Take a look at Ortiz when he was playing for the Minnesota Twins and then look at him now. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to finally bring his name up.

I'm pretty sure Ortiz wishes he can take back those comments he made about players using performance enhancing drugs. Now he's one of them and it's about time.

Ortiz' days with the Twins weren't even worth mentioning, but with the Red Sox he was "Big Papi." Since Ramirez got traded to the Dodgers, Ortiz hasn't been the same. I wounder what's the reason?

Nothing the Red Sox accomplish should be tainted, because it took more than Ortiz and Ramirez for them to win those two World Series Championships. There's plenty of other players the Red Sox had that played a huge role in their success.

Don't criticize Ortiz and Ramirez; criticize the MLB. Everyone knows they did a horrible job dealing with performance enhancing drugs. Nobody did anything about this situation and many believed it helped the sport.

They're all Hall of Fame players.

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