As a rather young Redskins fan, I have yet to see success fall into my favorite team's hands. What I have seen, though, is Daniel Snyder continue to buy high-priced players who underperform after getting paid. Last year's experiment was signing Jason Taylor, the former Dolphin star who made very little impact last year. Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Shawn Springs, Mark Brunell, and Antwaan Randle El are other examples of big off-season pick-ups who just didn't become game-changers with the Skins. They were all, arguably, over-the hill and not looking to fit in with the Hogs and not be the star.

This past summer, they spent more money as they re-signed CB DeAngelo Hall and picked up DT Albert Haynesworth, which will certainly toughen up their defense. The question isn't their talent, Haynesworth was the a prime key to the Titans' having a great season last year. Hall and Haynesworth have been notorious headcases, but Hall showed he could play an important supporting role, he finished the season with the Redskins last season after being cut by the Raiders. What seemed like a doomed move at first turned out to be a very helpful pickup. Haynesworth, on the other hand, has such a high ceiling that he is worth the shot. He's still young enough to get his head screwed on right if need be.

The question I have, though, is doesn't this appear to be the type of orginization to take a shot with Mike Vick? He's a big name. The Redskins like big names. They have quarterback issues, Jason Campbell is there, but they shopped around for a QB all summer, making their thoughts on Campbell as not the answer well known. If Vick were to play there, he sure would be surrounded with a lot of talent. Clinton Portis is a beast when healthy, and Santana Moss can still run by anyone anyday. But again... does talent always work?

When Vick signs, it will be a team taking a real big chance. It could be a club in which he thinks is the smartest, (i.e. New England, Indianapolis have been floated around) but those teams may not want him. It may come down to a owner of a big-name team, wanting to make a splash in the NFL, by making a move that he knows will nake fans come to the games, and watch on TV. It's all about money people. Good or Evil, Mike Vick is an attention-getter, and he will bring headlines every time he makes a move.

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