Here’s something that will make you go, "Hmmmmm" What’s worse, having Stuart Scott as an ESPN sports anchor or having to turn to him when one’s dealing with a weather crisis? I know, very tough call! Just be glad you didn’t live in Raleigh, North Carolina when peeps had no choice but to turn to Scott in 1989, when having to deal with a freaking blizzard…Damn, come on, it’s not like shit not bad enough, right. Just when peeps thought it couldn’t get any worse, well…

Sorry, it just did! Man, I was waiting for the catch phrase, "it’s as cool as the other of the pillow out here!" I could just hear the Scott 89 version when Hurricane Hugo was barreling down on the Carolinas, "Boo-yah," here he blows…Yeah, speaking of which Stewie. Or perhaps this on, "Check if you're bleeding...Cause we just got tagged!" Followed by, "Aye, Papi, I did not know you could do it like that!" Yeah well, "Boo-Yah"! Feel very bad for the peeps at WRAL-TV 5…Their viewership ratings must’ve blew hard than Hugo!

The irony here is sometime after Scott’s exploration in "blizzard awareness" coverage and before he went Jim McMahon on himself and stabbed himself in the eye with a fork he was a sports anchor in Orlando, Florida for WESH-2. Being a resident O-Town, I had the dubious distinction of listening to Mr. "Eye Wanderer" for far too long…So Raleigh peeps, I feel your pain! Hell, he made want to stab myself in the eye with a fork…Although, not I’m not alone in that regard! For now we all want to!

Big thanks in the asses at WRAL-TV 5 in Raleigh for this shit for brains!! "I ain't sayin' nothin', but that ain't right!"

"A College Coach Celebrity Old Fart Death Match?" Who you got? Bobby Bowden or Joe Pa…Take time to stuff the Pick’em Poll ballot box! Besides it's good practice for the really shit in November...Although this for sure will be more rewarding!

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