Well, Playboy reads, that's for sure!

It was brought to my attention that the latest edition of Playboy (October 2008) had a mention of the 'Chizzy in it's annual NFL Preview!

My buddy has a subscription and every time we go to his house, some topic from the mag comes up and we adults (wifeys, too) sit around and mull the material as we groan over the utter pathetic-ness of the jokes - they are horrendous and an insult to the entire comedy realm - and the usual top notch airbrushing techniques and overt lack of pinktocity of the periodical.

Nonetheless, the articles are usually interesting... save for a Pete Wentz interview that read like an overdose of sleeping pills.

In the section of tidbits off to the right of their annual fall-flat-on-their-face NFL predictions was this little snippet...


Even Playboy is two years behind AGM's innovation... and NO mention of the hottest Sports wife bracket... sheesh!

Well done Playboy... way to piggyback the amazing "Hottest Cheerleader" bracket and reference NONE of our insightful, in-depth football knowledge... Oh, who am I kidding? That IS the scope of our football knowledge, eh?

At least Playboy shows how on the cutting edge of journalism they are... by stealing our hottest cheerleader tournament FROM OVER TWO YEARS AGO.

Is Romi even a cheerleader any more? Did they verify their source? I hope so, because if she isn't... of course they'll blame US!!! And how DARE they compare her to Manica Patrick!!!!

Anyway, if you ever need reminded how ridiculous journalism has become and how close you are to the accepted mainstream, there's your proof. Congrats to Roblefko and the founders for their inspirational creation that is still getting the proper accolades three and a half internet lifetimes later!!!

No, I didn't read the article, either.

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