The Magic are now down one game in the NBA Finals to the Lakers. For the Magic to come out and tie the series they will have to win the next one in L.A. In the first game Courtney Lee was guarding Kobe, which (by the way) was a horrible match up. Why would Lee be guarding Kobe if Lee is a rookie? Don't get me wrong, Courtney Lee is a great player, but the only thing that I am angry about is that you're having a rookie guard an NBA veteran. I look for the Magic to win Game 2 and head back to Orlando with the momentum swinging in their favor.

For the Magic, Dwight Howard needs to start playing better in this series. Rashard Lewis and Rafer Alston are the key 3 point contributors to the Magic's success. The Lakers looked very hungry for a championship on Thursday night, but the question is can they beat Orlando again in Game 2? There is no doubt the Lakers are hungry for a NBA Title, but the Magic have not won a title since I believe it was 1995. Correct me if I am wrong on that date, but I think it is correct.

Some people predicted the Lakers to win the NBA Finals in 6 games, but for me I say the Magic in 7 games. I am quite sure that this series will go to a Game 6, but only if Orlando plays well and guards Kobe.

The question now becomes: Who will step up in Game 2 and deliver for either team?

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