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From the Rick DiPietro school of sports management comes the Arizona Diamondbacks signing outfielder Chris B. Young to a six year extension, according to Rotoworld and several other sources.

Listen, I think Young is going to be a fantastic player. His on base percentage may never be great, but he certainly has the potential to be a 30-30 guy and play a great centerfield.

However, Has he proved anything? I mean, literally anything?

Here are last year's stats: .295 OBP, 32 HR, 68 RBI, 27 SB.

For those of you forget, my favorite stat is RC/27, or in layman's terms, Runs created per every 27 outs a hitter makes. It basically combines everything positive that a hitter can do, and subtracts everything negative. Here's the Formula:

[1] Then, divide it all by 27. Not as complicated as it looks, trust me.

Anyway, last season young created only 4.9 runs per 27 outs. Not great. By comparison, the Hebrew Hammer Ryan Braun created 8.4 runs per 27 outs. Where's his huge extension?

The point is that Young is a good player, but I think the D-Backs jumped the gun just a little bit.

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