This video is part of the Parental Advisory Label Program that allows parents to show their young little guys what not to do if some day they have envisions of having young little guys themselves! Kids, pay close attention...You'll learn a very important lesson here...Roll It!

Ouchy, Ouchy, Ouchy...Although I'll admitt, I just soaked my drawers laugh my ass off! What is it about seeing others go through extreme pain that we always tend to find so funny? Likely has to do with the fact that we have enough marbles in our head to know not to try a dumbass stunt!

At any rate, what was the important lesson learned here little boys...Anybody know? Plain and simple...It takes balls to skateboard and, well, from time to time you may loose'em. Look on the bright side though, you'll always have homemade grapejuice! Putting a whole different perspective on the pharse, "RIDE OR DIE"!

Vote in latest Pick’em which posing the question on the heels of the Detroit Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup last week…And then some of their numbskull players roughed it over the weekend at Cheli's Chili Bar, a Chris Chelios owned bar in Downtown Hockeytown…What Would be Some Things to do with the Stanley Cup? Intriguing I know…That’s why posed the question! So get out and vote…It’ll be good practice for when it’s time to vote Obama into office!!

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