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Let me start by saying that I realize the odds are good that I did miss something.

Hell, I have missed a lot of things: the Sexual Revolution, the heyday of the Today Show, Thin Elvis, and the list goes on...But here is the thing I am specifically asking about right now...Didn't the home team in the NHL used to wear their white jerseys ?

I seem to remember watching Ranger games with my Dad from Madison Square Garden(late '70's,early '80's), and the Rangers would be wearing those white jerseys. Am I wrong about that ? Has it always been dark jerseys at home, white on the road, as it seems to be now ?

More importantly, If I am mistaken on this, would this call all of my childhood memories into question ?

Did I not hit the home run that won the big game ?

Did I not kiss Susie Derkins behind the old woodshed ?

Did my friends(we affectionately called ourselves "goonies") and I NOT rescue our town from evil developers by discovering the hidden pirate treasure of One-Eyed Willie ?

I'm afraid I don't know what to believe.

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