We posted a few days ago about how Sparky Anderson's forty-game cut-off was fast approaching ("Give me forty games and I can tell you if I have a good team or a bad team," Sparky would always say) and now it is here and Detroit is 16-24 and last in the division and last in the league and last in starting pitching and Gary Sheffield can't play no more and I think if Sparky Anderson were the manager of this club and you asked him about this team he'd say, "We're horsebleep in every department."

Which, in the interest of accuracy, they are right now. 

This is just a short, little post.  Detroit's down 7-2 in KC in the 5th and another starter (Kenny Rogers this time) has failed to get the game beyond the fourth inning as I write and thus Detroit's in danger of falling to oh-and-six against the Royals this year.  That alone should tell you all you need to know about this Tigers team. 

I think they are going to have to release Gary Sheffield. Manager Jim Leyland today said he can't play left because of his shoulder,  He's hitting around .200--his season high we are sad to report--with, if memory serves,  two homers and 8 RBI so I don't think he can DH anymore, either.

I'd sign Bonds.  Heck, if he can homer from the left side on a consistent basis at Comerica Park at least we'd know the truth about the steroids thing because I am certain the only way anyone can homer on a regular basis from the left side at Comerica is if he's juiced.  Big-time.

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