Aww man, what in the hell is up with all these noises I hear in my head? Does anybody else have this problem? For the life of me I can’t figure out what the hell in stems from! It’s like all these damn sirens are going off in my freaking melon at once! Perhaps it might have something to do with the six pack of Red Bull I just chugged down. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but actually I had no choice…I need to kick start my day after a late night/early morning. And since Red Bull gives you wings, I figured why not get all AMPed up! Speaking of Wings, it’s all starting to come back to me now…I now know what all these noises I hear in my noodle are from!

They’re just all the disgruntled Red Wings fans who left The Joe last night, (or I should say early this morning) with no championship merchandise in their grubby little paws. Nope…Sorry! All the Red Wings gave them was some sleep deprivation before heading off to work this morning. Damn, the local strip clubs in Detroit I’m sure could’ve given them all the same thing…A little tease here, tease there, and another tease, some action for jackson all the way over there for the price of a ticket the cats shelled out to see their Wings skate with Lord Stanley. Perhaps Lord Stephanie would’ve been a better option on this night…Throw all your money away, but just think, Lord Steph would’ve sent you home with a smile on your face instead of all the sourpusses that left The Joe last night!

You talk about the ultimate tease though, the Wings and their fans definitely got it last night and the rest of us who tuned into NBC’s coverage…No strip clubs and/or pole huggers needed! Sure, we all witnessed the Patriots give their fans a huge tease too in Super Bowl XLII, but Detroit virtually took a page out of the "Shock & Awe" playbook as we invaded Iraq, (what, in 2002…Can’t remember, been far too long) you talk about seeing Red, hell that’s all Theo Flurrey saw from the third period on. Bomb after bomb was launched at his grill…And he did nothing as to even flinch, but rather chose to stand on his freaking head to take the series back to Pittsburgh. Now for the select few who chose to watch Game 5, after seeing the bombs Flurrey was taking left and right most likely thought the series was returning to Pittsburgh for Game 6. Dude was seriously en fuego!

Hell, if that wasn’t enough for ya, for peeps who stand up to the end got to not only hear Petr Sykora’s "called shot to Brian Engblom", but witness as well! How awesome is that? A cat in overtime, where so much fluky shit can happen, as usually does, puts his stones on the table telling Engblom that "he’s going to score the game winner" and then actually does it…Man definitely has a pair of stones! Babe Ruth Who?

So now what to make of Game 6 tomorrow? Did the Pens just prolong the inevitable? Probably. Even so don’t tell them that! Hell, they had their chance to lay in their grave last night as the Wings were shoving dirt on them faster than a bulldozer could…Could’ve packed it in as they saw a train hightailing it down the tracks right at them! Could’ve done that and more, but instead chose to fight and live another day and got rewarded with the opportunity to skate on home ice one last time to see if they could push this series to the brink! And if that does happen, well all bets all off…We all know nothing’s a for sure thing in Game 7’s. So if you think the Wings faithful had a bunch of sourpusses on, leaving The Joe in Game 5, what kind of looks will these fans have upon entering The Joe for Game 7…Knowing full well that yes, they’re only 60 minutes away from the Stanley Cup, but that seems a lifetime from being only 35 ticks away from one!

So who you got in The 2008 NBA Finals? TinselTown or BeanTown? The Pick’em Poll wants to know! Or if you want to vote on How Many Times David Stern Will Cream in His Calvin Klein’s, we can do that too! Get out and Vote peeps!

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