The pistons close out the series, what like 100 to 78 or something. Sweet even though they should have done better (in the series not the game). The tigers won 8 to 4 i think im glad they are shaping up. better to fuck the pooch on the first 10 games and not the last 10 like they did last year. Now!! they REDWINGS win 8 to 2 to close that series. j'z us i mean i know colorado pretty much gave up prolly just to watch the wings play. It was like the globe trotters on ice. havnt seen passing like that since the wings dominated a few years back. QUESTION you think franzin (prolly butchered his name) is just a fluke. flare up. or is he just really really good. I was at some show so i missed all the games (pissed) but i watched the highlights. hit me back. and by the by i missed the games so if i messed something up please don't start talking shit. Thats why im on here reading shit and asking questions.

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