The Cleveland Browns have a very intriguing set of options regarding the quarterback position this off-season. Incumbent Derek Anderson had an up and down year and even though he is a Pro Bowl Alternate, they should really try to get value out of him and let him go. His decision making and "Football IQ" are terrible. Brady Quinn is the future. He has good arm strength, better accuracy than Anderson, and about 43 times the mobility as well. If the Browns tender Anderson they would be giving him a 2.5 million dollar contract for one year, and if any other team wants to sign him long term they would have to give up their first and third round picks this season. To me, this is the ultimate move for the Browns. Quality quarterbacks are so rare in the NFL these days that many teams may be willing to give up their picks for a ten game winner. If the Browns can get a decent draft choice (Top 15), then they can draft an impact defensive lineman or linebacker (Patrick Willis, anybody? He was the eleventh selection last year, FYI). With Quinn under center next year, an improved defense, and the same high-powered offense, the Browns will be playoff bound for sure in 2008, with a legitimate shot at winning the AFC.

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