Ryan Dempster means well. He's not on the Mitchell Report, plays for the Chicago Cubs. So you think he's doing well, right? Now Dempster is making the biggest prediction in the history of baseball since The Babe called the homer in the 1932 World Series.

The Cubs have not been to the Fall Classic since 1945, losing to Detroit in 7 games. The closest since that time was 2003, when Steve Bartman, the most hated person in Chicago since Al Capone, interfered (and yes, it was interference!) with then-left fielder Moises Alou as he was trying to make a catch in the Cubs bullpen.

Granted, no team has ever run the table and gone 162-0. Dempster, who went 2-7 with a 4.72 ERA, may be on to something. Or not. If it does happen, then that will be the biggest miracle since Jesus raised Lazarus.

Dempster may be on to something. He may not. According to a poll, 49 percent say it's too early to make such a pick, 25 percent agree with the Sechelt, British Columbia native and 24 percent says he's nuttier than a fruitcake at Christmas. Let's hope that the 25 percent are right. It would be nice for the Cubs to win the World Series. Maybe they'll even let the goat into Wrigley.

As Harry Caray would say, "HOLY COW!"

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