Anthony Johnson

Let the offensive player go by uncontested and attempt to knock the ball out from behind. I call this "the reach around" defense.

Tyronn Lue

Score points. Literally Lue plans on scoring more points than the other team. If this does not happen, well then, the Hawks usually come out a loser during the Lue minutes. I call this the "defense is for suckers" defense.

Acie Law

Desperately try and learn how to play and defend point guards in two minutes stretches. I call this the "pool bully" defense. You know when someone grabs you at the pool and dunks you from side to side and you have 1/2 second to catch your breath before the next dunk.

So to recap, we have "the reach around," "the defense is for suckers," and "the pool bully."

I can't wait for Chauncey in that first round...

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