"Defense Wins Championships" is one of the most overused phrases in football. Everyone says that a high powered defense triumphs over a high powered offense. A whole power packed defense can stop a star quarterback, where the star quarterback cannot stop the prized defense. Isn't this how it goes? Well that's grand. I believe in this saying to a certain extent. All praise the team with that amazing defense, but what about their offense? What if their offense has no weapons at all. They are old and washed up. Players on their offense are saddled with injuries week after week. This scenario people... represent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay is known for there intense defense. They always have enough electricity to light up the mountians of Afghanistan. Opposing offenses always dread those weeks when they face the Buccaneers. The opposing defenses, on the other hand, love weeks against the Bucs. It's kind of like playing their practice squad. The Bucs usually have an offense that can at least get the job done, but now the tables have turned, legs fallen off, and even cracked in half. From a washed up quarterback to a bunch of underachieving wideouts. This has been a kitchen size trash pile that has been getting bigger and bigger to where it today resembles a couple dumpsters.

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Let's start with the quarterback position. They brought back Jeff Garcia and his tough-it-out mentality, and a quarterback that should start 15-16 games because of his hard nosed game. It would take a broken leg and arm to get this guy to sit out. Wait, we are talking about Jeff Garcia right? If this is why we named this guy our opening day starter, then why does Gruden continue to bench him because of little sore limbs? Going back on our words, aren't we Tampa? Well that's okay because once a team goes through their number one guy, the usually have a young guy that can step in an show off his potential to the organization. In steps our guy, Brian Griese! The young 6'3" kid out of the University of Michigan, hoping to steal the spotlight from Jeff Garcia. The problem is that he was young about 253 years ago. Either him or the underachieving Luke McCown. I guess I can settle for Griese. Basically, they are just washed up quarterback after washed up quarterback. Don't get me wrong, I love Garcia to death and he should be starting, but for some reason Gruden has his panties in a bunch an won't start Garcia. There is a young guy we have buried in the depth chart though that I think has some potential. I rookie by the name of Josh Johnson out of San Diego University. His senior year he threw for 2,988 yards and 43 touchdowns.

Well there is hope at the running back position right? Earnest Graham is averaging a little over 100 yards a game. That'll give the offense some boost, correct? Hell No. This isn't going to keep up for the undrafted Graham. As much as I would love to see Graham go out and succeed, it can't keep up too long. With the Bucs' passing game sucking it up, defense will key in on the poor Graham and punish him in weeks to come. People claim we possibly have a two headed beast. Bringing back one of Tampa's most prized running backs: Warrick Dunn. How old is he again? Oh that's right... 33 years young. Graham has some potential, but not someone who can lead a team through the playoffs. He has that gritty, straight forward running style that will only last so long. We need to diagnose him with some flashy-flashy.

The recievers can bring some light to the subject, can't they? Swing and a... MISS. The two current starting wideouts are both over the age of thirty. Joey Galloway is actually 37 years old and Ike Hilliard tops out at 32 years old. It's okay because the Bucs have a young guy in 26 year old Michael Clayton. You know, that underachieving wideout out of LSU that the Bucs waisted a 15th overall pick with. Yeah, that Michael Clayton. We also have Antonio Bryant; yeah I don't know either. Out of all the negative energy I'm putting into this subject there is some positive chi I have. There is much potential in the 22 year old Dexter Jackson and the 23 year old Matt Stovall. Jackson, in my opinion, has the ability to be a great reciever for years to come, all they need to do is give him a chance. Also, Stovall has a great ability too and great size, being 6'5" and all. There is no reason why Clayton, Bryant, and Ike Hilliard are playing more than these two. It makes ZERO sense to me.

So I you got to hear my unbelievable rant about my teams horrid offense. I briefly mentioned the defense, but I don't want to leave it untouched. I mentioned the defense was one that teams feared and yada yada. I use fear in the past tense. Although this is a defense that I still believe top notch in the NFL, it is soon no to be. It is an aging defense that needs to get younger quickly. As much as I hate to think about it, Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks will soon be gone. Also getting up there in age is Jermaine Phillips, Cato June, and Chris Hovan. The Buccaneers need to concentrate on building this defense around Barrett Ruud and Gaines Adams. Phillip Buchanon and Tanard Jackson are also great, young guys in the secondary. The defense has, is, and always will be the bright light for Tampa Bay.

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