I am a Mariners fan, which I believe is evident, and I need to get a few things off of my chest.

Richie Sexson is human. I don’t expect Richie to be the best player in the league – I do, however, expect him to hit the ball. He is making the most money on the team and hitting like a 12 year-old-girl ( Amanda Whurlitzer the exception).

I don’t feel that booing someone is how they will turn it around, but I do feel that you have the right to show your displeasure. It is 2 games into the season and we are already booing? Why just Richie? Brad Wilkerson is having just as bad a start: Sexson is 1-8 with 4Ks while Wilkerson is 0-7 with 2K.

I am not here to be his apologist, but as a 3rd party who is here to mediate you and your rocky marriage.

The Mariners have played two games, both had solid outings from the respective starting pitcher, but instead of discussing those starts we are discussing a few strike outs.

Yes, his last one was the worst. Let me set the table so you can chow down on this amazing buffet of mediocrity: 1 out in the 8th inning, the teams are tied; the Rangers walk Raul Ibanez to load the bases. Up comes Richie. You can feel the absolute despair from the crowd: the pessimists knowing what will happen, the optimists looking to the Grand Slam and the middle-of-the-fencers – me – hoping he does something to turn around his image. He strikes out on the pitch that would have been ball four.

To say that I didn’t expect it would make me sound naïve. But, here is my long, drawn out point: Beltre got on and then Mr. Wilkerson ended the inning with a pop-up. I don’t blame Sexson for the loss, but the anemic offense that everyone knew the Mariners would have.

And to all of you who are writing emails and calling into radio shows about how he is a bust, and that Manager John McLaren’s prediction for “comeback player of the year” won’t happen: let’s give him more then two games.

Just an idea.

From Afraidofedhochuli

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