As one of my favorite radio announcers, Larry Munson of the Georgia Bulldogs Football Network once said, "We may save ourselves yet." While the gruff-voiced announcer of the Silver Britches may be talking about the Bulldogs "Between the Hedges," this could be applied to the men's basketball team.

Yesterday, yours truly was screaming for Dennis Felton's head as though I were Salome asking for the head of John the Baptizer. Today, Fenton may have save his bacon in the literal sense of the word. Georgia was scheduled to play Kentucky at the Georgia Dome Friday night but Mother Nature it seems was not a fan of college basketball, at least the SEC. The game was cancelled and had to be moved to Georgia Tech's Alexander Memorial Coliseum today.

Today was almost as if it were a high school atmosphere, in which only the bands, cheerleaders, mascots, team officials and family members were allowed to attend for safety reasons and that Georgia Tech's facility only seats 9,191, considerably smaller than that of the Georgia Dome. Not even Ashley Judd could get in with a ticket. But play they did. Georgia did as best it could against Big Blue but the contest went into overtime. The Dogs needed the extra five minutes when Zac Swansey scored five points in overtime, including an unlikely turnaround 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds left.

While Felton was not happy with the fact that his team had to play two games in one day, that one win may have saved his job. He should be thankful. If Georgia decides to retain his services, there has to be changes in the program, right down to the type of person that plays for the red and black. That should include, given all the problems that team has had since they came off probation, that being players getting into trouble with the law. There should be a "one strike" rule for all players in that regard. After all, when you put on a school's jersey, you are the face and voice of that school.

Felton's Dogs are at the time of this writing playing Mississippi State, who needed overtime themselves Friday night against Alabama in the Georgia Dome. Has he saved his job? Time will tell. Will he save his job? That's up to the powers that be.

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