Why you should like Chris Davis


I have written before how shallow third base is, as well as how shallow it remains. One player though remains overlooked for fantasy baseball this upcoming season and he qualifies at the hot corner. The man is one Chris Davis, a member of the Texas Rangers slugging corps. Now the reason you should really care about Davis is the following. He is being drafted 97th overall while another young 3rd baseman, Evan Longoria is being drafted 19th overall.

            Well, what if I told you Chris Davis will outperform Longoria next year, and you could get him six rounds later. Would you believe me? Would you think I am nuts? Take a look at the numbers. Combining all their minor league stats and their ab’s in the majors last season (both players broke in ’06) Davis has outperformed Longo in BA, SLUG, total HR and HR/PA. Not to mention the fact that he plays in the top hitting park in all of baseball. He will not win any gold gloves anytime soon, he might also be moved to 1b but either way he still qualifies at third for the upcoming season. My advice, pass on Longo in the second and reach a round early for Davis. All indications are you will be rewarded handsomely for getting the equal value rounds later.


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