For a few minutes, the New England Patriots seemed as if they were going to be kings of the hill. They had their feet on the necks of the Giants. Then the Pats did the unforgiveable. They lifted their foot to see if they were breathing.

Not only were the Giants breathing, they did their best Howard Beale (from the movie "Network") impressions and screamed at the Patriots, "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!" The Giants got off the deck and before you could say "stone beats scissors," David had kicked Goliath's ass and not only took his name, he took his lunch money too. Plaxico's prediction came true, just like Joe Namath's.

New Yorkers are walking with their head held high and their chests sticking out, as if they had just licked the bully on the playground. Bostonians are wondering, "what the hell happened" and a certain group of men in Miami (the 72 Dolphins) are breaking out champange bottles as if it was New Year's Eve.

The Patriots' dream of a perfect season came close. For a few minutes, they were the better team. The Giants chose to say otherwise.

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