Hey Fans,

Yes, Roger Federer won another tennis title in some European country. Serena, that's the shorter, more muscular built Williams sister won another tennis title as well. Male student-athletes who excel at basketball are leaving their college, campus and all those girls for NBA Bling and all those women. Isiah Thomas is finally out as Knicks coach, as long as owner's son stays hands off, the Knickerbockers may slowly get back to what closely resembles a respectable NBA team and not the laughing stock of professional sports.

All of these are no big whoop.

But on Sunday, Manhood's last bastion - IndyCar Victory Lane, was officially entered by a woman, and a Hot woman at that. Danica Patrick had ventured where no woman had ever gone before. A future sports trivia question, which will be asked in some sports bar . . . Thanksgiving dinner table . . . booth in a local diner. Who was the first woman to win an INdyCar race and which race was it? The answer will be Danica Patrick, the Japan IndyCar 300, 2008. The woman (who has a high tech Web Site) whose poster sales are close to THE best selling poster of a much younger Farrah Fawcett with those curly golden locks. Yes my friends, who knows what could happen next . . . a woman in the White House, or maybe even a man of color, right here in these United States, where the Florida Marlins currently lead their division, a team whose collective salary is less than the top paid player in the game. To me, that sounds like there's something wrong, although I'm not sure which is worse. The NHL enters its second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, MLB teams North of the Mason Dixon line are slowly getting to play night home games that do not require ski gloves when they're in the dugout. The NFL Draft is this weekend, which I am annually impressed by the great job that the Boomer does, for such an extended period of time, as host of this heavily watched ESPN show, and there's no game. Enjoy this time of year where there are so many sports events. Even your local high school sports teams are in full swing. If you ever get a chance to catch your local team play, try to catch these hustling teenagers, boys or girls, play for the sheer joy of the sport, you may just catch an exciting, and free, way to enjoy your favorite sport.

Chuck T

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