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Monday night one of the most dynamic defensive players in Carolina Panther history announced his retirement. Dan Morgan retired from professional football. Unfortunately he was a New Orleans Saint, but the fact remains he played his entire on-field career as an Carolina Panther.

No one could question this man's heart and passion for the game. I am just grateful that his head won over his heart before more permanent damage was done.

Thank you Mr. Morgan for demonstrating a passion for the game that inspires others around you to play harder. I am glad that you played for Carolina.

Pat Yasinskas has an excellent article [1] over on

While some might speculate, myself included, would wonder if he might come back to Charlotte as a coach, I think he answered that question, "You go to the next chapter of your life," Morgan said. "I have beautiful kids, a beautiful wife and that's really what this life is about anyway."

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