It was just reported that the Dallas Cowboys had acquired Detroit Lions’ WR Roy Williams for a 1st, 3rd and 6th round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Perhaps I’m missing something here, but isn’t the Cowboys problem with its defense? Are they planning on putting Williams (not to be confused with the team’s other Roy Williams, the safety who can’t cover anybody) in the secondary?

Two things are becoming increasingly evident about Jerry Jones this season: he’s obsessed with winning a Super Bowl and is mortgaging the house in the process (perhaps this is because their hated division rival, the New York Giants, won it last year), and b) he thinks that the only way he’ll accomplish that goal is by scoring 50 points per game because his defense’s problems are too great to be fixed in ‘08.

Personally, I think it’s a huge mistake. TO’s been crying about not receiving the ball enough since he arrived there; now they’re going to bring in another big-time receiver, who’s sure to get a fair share of balls thrown his way, and this will keep their enigmatic star happy? Wrong. The reason being is he’s not a team player. He always puts himself above team and that’s not going to change at this late stage in his career. Second, the team’s problems are on the defensive side of the ball and when the weather changes, and the temperature drops, you’re not going to be able to air it out anyway. Defense and running wins championships; ask the 2007 Patriots.

It’ll be interesting now to see how things shake out. Dallas is entering a critical time in its 2008 season and they’re at the edge of the precipice. Romo is out for four weeks; Pacman was suspended indefinitely; the defense is in shambles; the offense is inconsistent and now, in an act of desperation, they’ve given up a considerable amount in order to attain a receiver that doesn’t really put them “over the top.” I guess Jones has already forgotten the Joey Galloway debacle…

So kids, let this be another lesson that making imprudent decisions will not get you what you want. My money says we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of those TO post-game press conferences - the one’s where he’s crying behind his glasses - except now, it won’t be to defend his QB who took a mini-vacation during the week before the divisional playoff game; instead, it’ll be because he didn’t get the ball enough and how that was the reason why the Cowboys fell way short - probably as short as GM’s end of the year earnings expectations - of their Super Bowl aspirations they had coming into the season.

Time and time again it’s been proven that you can’t buy a championship - especially in this day in age - and you’ve got to love when it rings true one more time and you’re talking about America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.

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