Early in the season and preseason everyone was touting this team as the best team in football! What has happened since the loss to Washington in week #4 that has created a doubt in everyones mind??

They have been grounded the last two weeks and there offense has not had the explosive plays as often. Also the defense has been carved up by both Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals. My biggest question in the preseason was there secondary. The last several years this secondary has had trouble staying healthy and playing up to there potential. Well once again this year they have been banged up and have not played great.

Confidence for this team is everything. They have several fragile ego guys on this team that can blow up when not playing well. Romo and TO both look great most games but once things start to go bad neither one of these have stepped up and brought the team together. Instead TO starts complaining and becomes a cancer to this team.

The jury is out are they the dominant team for 2008 or are they pretenders! One thing is for sure they need a leader to step up and unite this team. This leader can't be there coach or owner it needs to be a player. This person must hold all of them accountable for there actions. Until this happens this team is going to have some bad games/losses.

Don't bet the house that this leader will emerge this year and put this team into the next level of champion!

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