Brook Lopez, a 7-foot sophomore from Stanford, may very well be the first center taken in the NBA Draft. A lock to go in the top ten, Lopez is very likely to go in the top 5 or even the top 3 players selected overall. He’s got a real 7-footer’s body and won’t be pushed around in the pro game. He has a nice array of post moves so he should be a threat to score in the paint, which is what every team wants in this era of 7-footers who float on the perimeter looking to jack of jumpers. However, Lopez can also move outside and knock down an 18-footer when required. He’s even hit a few college 3-pointers, though I wouldn’t expect that to be a big part of his pro game. Lopez isn’t a great athlete, but he has the long arms you want in a pivot man and he made big strides in his sophomore season.

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