Remember a while back I talked about a gentleman named Tom Gramatis that has a bleacher set up in Wrigleyville? He owed the Cubs a huge chunk of change. Now the defending National League Central champs are getting tough with those that haven't paid up. In other words, the Cubs want these folks to "show them the money!" They're not just singling out Gramatis, they're hitting everyone that has a rooftop bleacher setup in the area. April 15th is the deadline. Kind of ironic, you think? That's when the Cubs return home to play George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. and the Cincinnati Reds.

When you stop and think about it, 17 percent is not a hell of a lot of money. That's the cut that the Cubs want from the owners of these rooftop set ups near the classic ballpark. I actually got to see one of these setups up close in March 2004 (granted, a bad time to visit Chicago but what the hell?) and was impressed. It's only fair. Show them the money and make peace, guys. You'll be better off for it. At least you won't have Tony Soprano and Big Pussy at your front door wanting to whack you. Show some good faith, show some common sense.

Show the Cubs the money.


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